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A Chocolate Muffin in Farmersgirl Kitchen

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Hurrah! DH has fixed things up so I can upload my photos to his computer as he says it may be next weekend before mine is back in service 😮

Here is my DS1’s 3 month old chocolate labrador pup, called Muffin! This was her first visit to our home, due to the age and nervousness of our cat, Jenny.

She is sitting right in the middle of the kitchen floor and behind her you can see some of my cookery books, I had those shelves made specially by the joiner (carpenter) and the theory is that I don’t get any more books than I can fit on the shelves, so if I buy a new one, I’m supposed to get rid of one!


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    September 23, 2009

    What a cute puppy & what a adorable name: Mufin, hahahahaha,…

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    September 26, 2009

    Oh how Hubby and I would love a Muffin just like that!

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    Diana H
    September 27, 2009

    Nice theory, but cookbooks are difficult to part with sometimes. Love the dog.

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