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Christmas Cake

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A very simple cake decoration, but it looks festive enough and another job ticked off my list. There are pictures of the snow that fell last night over on my other blog Serial Crafter if you’d like to see them.


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    December 20, 2009

    That looks super Janice. Is it fondant?

    I did some with snowflakes, I got some really nice lustre powder which I dusted them with.

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    December 20, 2009

    Beautifully decorated. I didn't get around to making a fruit cake this year, but if I had it would never have looked as good as yours.

    Happy Christmas

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    December 21, 2009

    Cake looks wonderful. I'm going to have to be more organised next year and make a Christmas cake, I think!

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    December 21, 2009

    Janice, sure looks everything festive in your house. Your cake cooks so beautiful, perfect for this cold snowy day. I have not made my Christmas cake yet. The days just pass by too fast!

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    December 21, 2009

    What a beautiful looking cake Janice! Very professional. I'm ashamed to say we've already devoured over half of ours so I'm thinking of making another one. It's the nicest cake recipe I've had which makes it a bit dangerous really.

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    December 21, 2009

    Love the whote and silver theme – would fit in very well with our christmas colour scheme lol

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    Helen McGinn
    December 23, 2009

    It looks amazing! My cakes taste good but NEVER look so good! Save me a slice?

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    The imPerfect Housewife
    December 24, 2009

    Well how cute is that??? SO adorable! I think I just have to bring dip for Christmas – how did I get off that easy??? Have a wonderful day(s) ~ ♥

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