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I started out with a recipe for Mustard Stuffed Chicken from BBC Good Food but no mustard was involved and I couldn’t get any nice mozzarella so used some Dolce de Montagne from M&S. All I did was put the cheese in the centre of the chicken breast and wrapped it in smoked bacon, then put it in an ovenproof dish added a little chicken stock covered with foil and baked in the oven for 35 minutes, then took off the foil for another 5-10 minutes to brown the bacon.

I served this is potatoes boulangere, a recipe I haven’t made for a while. Sliced potatoes are layered with sliced onions and seasoned, pour over about 1/4 pint of stock and bake in the oven for 40 minutes until the potatoes are cooked through. I usually cook it covered and then remove the lid for the last 5 minutes to brown. Are you seeing a pattern here?

The cheese melted nicely in the middle -mmm yum!

This is what the potato dish looks like when it comes out of the oven, nice and crispy on top and soft and unctious underneath.



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    Giles - Anyone For Seconds?
    March 6, 2010

    Always love stuffing chicken with good cheese or pesto and yours looks very good – love the idea of adding stock to it as well. Will use that tip when we make some next time 🙂

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    March 7, 2010

    Chicken and potatoes, yum yum. That's real comfort food for this cold weather.

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    March 7, 2010

    Yum! My perfect Saturday night dinner – minus the bacon of course lol. Looks great and I'm sure it was enjoyed by all ;0)

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    March 7, 2010

    Oh for all I have complained about the bad weather…. at least it gives us the PERFECT reason to make delights such as this! Deeeeeelicious!

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