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Delia’s Key Lime Pie with an Easter twist!

Dessert | April 4, 2010 | By

I was looking through some cookbooks for a dessert suitable for Easter weekend, something that would be big enough to last for two to three days.  I chose this Key Lime Pie from Delia Smith’s How to Cook Book Two. It was quick and easy to make and tasted great. It also turned out pretty much as illustrated in Delia’s book.  She decorated hers with a twist of lime, I decorated mine with some Cadbury’s mini eggs.

Serves 8-10

For the Base:
3.5oz (95g) butter
6oz (175g) digestive biscuits
2oz (50g) Grape-Nuts (breakfast cereal)
For the filling:
1 tbsp grated lime zest (zest of 3 limes)
5fl oz (150ml) lime juice
3 large egg yolks
14oz (400g) condensed milk


To finish:
A little creme fraiche
Lime slices
You will need a loose-based flan tin with a diameter of 9 inches (23cm), 1 inch (2.5cm) deep, and a solid baking sheet.
Pre-heat the oven  to gas mark 4, 350F, 180C
Delia says: “Traditional Key lime pie has always had a crumb crust, and I have discovered recently that the addition of Grape-Nuts breakfast cereal gives the whole thing an extra crunch.”  I didn’t want to buy them just for this recipe so used some extra digestive biscuits (graham crackers)
For the full recipe please refer to Delia Online


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    April 5, 2010

    Looks delicious! I absolutely ADORE Key Lime Pie, though I've never made Delia's version. I think I might have to try it!

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    April 6, 2010

    I've always wanted to make Key Lime Pie but for some reason I've just never gotten around to it. Really must give it a try as yours is making my mouth water!

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    April 7, 2010

    Looks lovely Janice. I did laugh at the mini eggs on the top though. 🙂

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    January 6, 2016

    This recipe for KLP from delia is far too tart. Look at the ingrediants. There is no mention of sugar, anywhere. It doesn’t even say that maybe you need “SWEETENED” condensed milk. I have made this, according to the recipe. I could use the filling to recharge my car battery. It is extremely acidic and has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Maybe a rewrite is in order. Delia needs to be aware of the crap that people are putting out, in her name. I bet she has never even made this recipe!!!

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      Janice Pattie
      January 6, 2016

      Sorry to hear you found it too tart. The condensed milk is very sweet and, for me, the tart was sweet enough.

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    January 10, 2016

    Hiya Janice. Which brand of condensed milk did you use? I have never found condensed milk to be sweet, unless it was a sweetened one. I used Sainsburys own, which is exactly the same as Carnation. Neither of which has added sugar.

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