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Lovely Leftovers – Christmas Quiche

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It’s leftover time and I think the volume of bits of pieces in my fridge brings out my inventiveness.  This year I decided to use up some of the little bits in a Christmas Quiche.  I had some turkey, stuffing, a couple of sausages wrapped in bacon, some ham, cooked baby carrots, sprouts and some tiny tomatoes.  I also had some of the prawns we had for our starter yesterday all needing used up.
The pastry recipe is adapted from Rachel Allen’s book Bake.  I added some Philadelphia cheese a bit less butter and the egg as recommended, but any s/crust pastry would do, including ready made.  I baked the pastry case blind and then loaded on the the leftover ingredients along with some sauteed spring onions and garlic.
after loading on the left-overs, I crumbled some cheshire cheese and then poured over two whole beaten eggs, two egg yolks and some soured cream (left over lol!)  seasoned well and beaten together.
Stick it back in the oven for 40 minutes, I found some tomatoes that were starting to wrinkle, so I shoved them on the top too.  We ate it with roast potatoes and roast parsnips reheated in the oven till nice and crispy again and some coleslaw.  Delicious!
What did you do with your leftovers?
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    December 27, 2010

    Oh how it is making my mouth water!!! Sounds delish to me!

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