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Cod poached in Merrydown Cider

Enjoy a Great Summer Celebration with Fresh Recipe Ideas from Merrydown

cider, the premium cider made from juicy eating apples, has just
launched its new Great Summer Celebrations recipes featuring nine
delicious seasonal dishes.

easy-to-make recipes are designed to help us all make the most of
summer entertaining as the dishes combine classic British recipes with
the quintessential English drink, cider.

Each recipe uses Merrydown as a key ingredient to add zesty flavour and make the dishes unforgettable.
include pork, apple & cheddar burgers with spiced cider and apple
salsa or cider-glazed kebabs, which would be perfect on the barbeque.
delicious al fresco lunch idea is the spinach roulade with creamy
cheese, apple and cider filling, best served with a glass of chilled
Merrydown cider.

the sun doesn’t shine, the toad in the hole with cider red onion gravy
is a great choice, whilst the delicious crispy cod with cider batter
recipe is sure to impress any discerning diner.

I received a couple of bottles of Merrydown Cider as part of the Great Summer Celebration and decided to combine the cider with some of the lovely cod I received as part of the Fish is the Dish, Healthy Happy Hearts challenge to eat fish twice a week to increase Omega 3.  There are lots of recipes for poaching fish in cider online and in the Great Summer Celebration there is a recipe for “Devonshire Cod with mushrooms“. The new recipes and many more favourites are available to download online now at in a handy recipe book.


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    belleau kitchen
    May 2, 2013

    oooh, I would never have thought of poaching cod in cider… what an amazing idea… looks so good! (Those potatoes particularly look damn fine x)

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    May 2, 2013

    This caught my attention for the same reason as Dom – I've never thought of poaching fish in cider. How does the fish hold up against the strong taste and sweetness of the cider? I guess you use it to cook mussels in, so it makes sense but it's not something I've ever considered. Thanks for broadening my horizons. Things like this are why I love blogs!

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    Janice Pattie
    May 3, 2013

    Gill- the cider flavour was quite delicate, more of an apple taste which worked well with the fish. Thanks for your comment, I'm always delighted when I'm able to come up with something that is new to others.

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