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On my ‘Mother’s Day’ Kitchen Table

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Mother’s Day is nearly here, it’s later this year on 30th March so you still have  little time to choose and buy your gifts. The gift you choose for your mother will depend on some key factors including price, availability but most importantly the gift should be something that your mother will like.

That got me thinking about different kinds of mothers and what they might like to receive so here is my little guide to gifts for different mothers.

Chocoholic Mum

Image – Last Door Down the Hall

Along with flowers, chocolate is probably one of the most common gifts to buy for Mother’s Day and it’s an absolute must for the Chocoholic Mother.  This is a time to look for something a little different and special like this Hotel Chocolat Hazelnut Spread

Oh my, this is a delicious spread.  It’s richer and more chocolately than similar spreads that are available and, as well as making the perfect ‘tartine’ for breakfast or tea, it would also be delicous warmed and poured over ice-cream or baked into a muffin, or for the true chocoholic eat it straight from the jar with a spoon!
At £6.50 for 150g, Hotel Chocolat Hazelnut Chocolate Spread is a luxury product at a reasonable price.  Hotel Chocolat have a wide range of different chocolate treats you are bound to find a special chocolate gift.

Eco-Friendly Mum

If your mother likes to buy organic and eco-friendly products she  is going to love receiving a gift subscription to the Flow Box.
The monthly rolling subscription that you can cancel at any time costs £21.95 per month but by using the code GOFLOW13 at the checkout you can get your first box for £16.95.  I tried out a Flowbox and was pleased with the range of products (not all food) and the quality of the contents.  What I really liked about the Flowbox scheme is that there is also an online shop. This means that if you find a product that you really like then you can buy the individual items. 
Bake-Off Mum
Image: Last Door Down the Hall
Everyone seems to have taken up home baking. As well as being fun, it’s a real skill to learn how to bake different types of cakes and cookies and there are always plenty of things that you can buy the Bake-Off Mum without breaking the bank.

Dunelm Mill have a great selection of silicone moulds suitable for oven and microwave use, prices in  The Silicone Collection  range from 75p for a silicone heart shaped mould up to £8.99 for a chocolate house mould.  The 6 Flowerpot Silicone Cupcake Cases are £3.99 and the Macaroon Baking Set is £4.99.

Tea-Jenny Mum 

Masterchef Mum 

Image: Millie Motts

As you can imagine, I have no trouble at all thinking of gifts for Masterchef Mum!  One idea that will appeal to the the gadget lovers is this simple but effective whisk.

The Nova Multi-Quirl is simple to use and requires no batteries and no cables, you just push the handle down and it twists and whisks. I found it to be well constructed and particularly liked being able to put it in the dishwasher.  You can see how it works HERE
The Nova Multi-Quirl is available from G3 Direct Ltd for £12.95

Foraging Mum 

Image: The Graphics Fairy

Foraging Mum likes to make the most of the food that can be gathered for free, whether it’s blackberries in autumn or wild garlic in the spring.  Rosehips on a Kitchen Table is delightful little book full of hints and tips about foraging and recipes to make the most of your foraged goodies. Now is the time to forage for fresh, young leaves,  and I’m sure Foraging Mum would love to learn to make Wild Garlic Pesto or Nettle Risotto.  Elderberries, Blackberries, Rosehips and Sloes all feature with their own recipes. Tipsy Sloe Fairy Cakes: dainty fairy cakes with a hidden tipsy heart sound so tempting especially when served with clotted cream, as suggested in the book.

In addition to the foraging chapters author, Carolyn Caldicott writes about how to Grow your Own fruit and vegetables and includes information about how to deal with the inevitable gluts!  Some of the recipes that stood out for me were: Broad Beans Baked with Asparagus, Eggs Baked in Passata, Pepper and Chorizo Sauce Parsnip Gnocchi and Rosemary and Honey Roots.

The final chapter is entitled ‘What on Earth do I do with This?’  and is a chapter devoted to the more unusual vegetables which might turn up in your veg box.  Celeriac Champ looked good and I can’t wait to try Beetroot Leaves with Walnuts, Raisins and Orange.  Convert the most ardent Brussels Sprout hater with Brussels Stir Fry with Ginger Cumin and Chilli.

Rosehips on a Kitchen Table by Carolyn Caldicott
Photographs by Chris Caldicott
Published by Francis Lincoln Limited

To order Rosehips on a Kitchen Table at the discounted price of £7.99 including p&p* (RRP: £9.99), telephone 01903 828503 or email and quote the offer code APG97. 

Alternatively, send a cheque made payable to:
LBS Mail Order Department, Littlehampton Book Services, PO Box 4264, Worthing, West Sussex, BN13 3RB. 

Please quote the offer code APG97 and include your name and address details. 

*UK ONLY – Please add £2.50 if ordering from overseas.
  1. Jacqueline Meldrum
    March 17, 2014

    Nice roundup Janice and a really interesting one. Loving the sound of that spread from Hotel Chocolat. Their chocolate is always superb.

    • JaniceFGK100
      March 17, 2014

      Thanks Jac, it's got a real chocolatey hit.

  2. Jane Sarchet
    March 17, 2014

    Love the sound of the foraging book, I have a bit of a weakness for them 🙂
    Janie x

    • JaniceFGK100
      March 17, 2014

      Me too Janie, something very satisfying about collecting ingredients for free!

    • JaniceFGK100
      March 17, 2014

      Always a hard time, I'm sure she would have loved it X

    • JaniceFGK100
      March 17, 2014

      Thanks Bintu, I feel the same!

  3. belleau kitchen
    March 17, 2014

    great collection of gift ideas but there's no 'guilt-making Jewish mother' on this list… what to do?

    • JaniceFGK100
      March 17, 2014

      There's only one answer to that – get her them all, AND a big bunch of flowers 😉

  4. Karen S Booth
    March 17, 2014

    LOVELY round-up of goodies and I LOVE your different "mum" titles too!

    • JaniceFGK100
      March 17, 2014

      Thanks Karen, I enjoyed writing it.

  5. Choclette
    March 17, 2014

    A very nicely done round-up Janice. Only how about the just "plain awkward" mum? I've got one of the whisks and thought it was really good, except it doesn't have a hole in the handle so I can't hang it up #nowheretoputit.

    • JaniceFGK100
      March 17, 2014

      ha ha! I don't think you can win with 'plain awkward mum', no matter what you choose!

  6. GG
    March 17, 2014

    A great round up of gifts and some really original ideas, like Janie I like the look of the foraging book too. GG

    • JaniceFGK100
      March 17, 2014

      Thanks, it's a nice little book.

    • tinkertink2010
      March 18, 2014

      My mum is definitely a chocoholic mum! Am making her a chocolate cake and some white chocolate rocky road squares for Mothers Day 🙂 Dont know what to get her present wise though!

  7. Deena Kakaya
    March 17, 2014

    Lovely post Janice, I am now having fun deciding which category, or categories I fit into. I especially like the master chef mum items. X

    • JaniceFGK100
      March 24, 2014

      A bit of fun just to make things more interesting, glad you enjoyed it.

  8. Sylvia F.
    March 18, 2014

    Great round up! My Mum is a chocoholic mum 😉

    • JaniceFGK100
      March 24, 2014

      Thanks Sylvia, you have it easy with a chocoholic mum, lots of choice!

  9. Nayna Kanabar
    March 20, 2014

    What an amazing collection of goodies.

  10. Lou, Eat Your Veg
    March 22, 2014

    Lovely collection of gifts Janice, well thought out and plenty I might just consider buying!

    • JaniceFGK100
      March 24, 2014

      Thanks Lou, I'm glad you liked them.

  11. JaniceFGK100
    March 26, 2014

    I'm rationing myself to a little bit at a time!

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