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Scottish Rhubarb Cranachan

Rhubarb Cranachan Dessert - perfect for Spring

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Cranachan is one of the best known Scottish desserts and is usually made with Scottish raspberries. However, as my garden rhubarb is lush and abundant, it seemed a shame to buy raspberries when I could roast some stalks of rhubarb with sugar and use those instead, to make the perfect spring dessert,  Scottish Rhubarb Cranachan.

Scottish Rhubarb Cranachan

I was watching Countryfile on TV  the other night and there was an article about a rhubarb farm in the Yorkshire rhubarb triangle, the reason they gave for the rhubarb growing so well in that area was that it was cold and wet.  That sounds familiar and our rhubarb certainly grows away by itself without much attention and produces many stalks of rhubarb throughout the summer, apologies for my dodgy lawn, the wet and cold is not such a good combination for growing grass and seems to produce more moss than grass!

Garden Rhubarb

Scottish Rhubarb Cranachan
Serves 4
A rhubarb version of the traditional Scottish oat and whisky dessert.
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  1. 3 large stalks of rhubarb
  2. 30g caster sugar
  3. 100g pinhead or medium oatmeal
  4. 50g hazelnuts, toasted
  5. 60g light soft brown sugar
  6. 200ml double cream
  7. 100ml creme fraiche
  8. 25 ml malt whisky or a whisky liqueur
  1. Clean the rhubarb and cut into 3cm lengths, place in a single layer in an ovenproof dish and sprinkle with caster sugar. Roast for about 8-10 minutes at 180C. The rhubarb pieces should be whole but if you pierce with a knife, it should be soft all the way through. Leave the rhubarb to cool.
  2. Meanwhile, toast the oats on a tray under the grill (broiler), watch them carefully so they don't burn, move them around a little so that they toast evenly.
  3. Toast the hazelnuts in the same way or in a dry frying pan which can be easier to manage, let them cool and rub off the skins.
  4. Put the oats, hazelnuts and sugar into a blender and whizz them up, make sure you don't grind them to a powder you want a little bit of texture, you are looking for the texture of rough breadcrumbs.
  5. Whip the double cream and mix with the creme fraiche.
  6. Spoon into individual glasses starting with the oat mixture, the cream, rhubarb and then repeat the layers, finishing with a few of the best pieces of rhubarb and a little spoonful of oat mixture.
  1. You can eat it straight away, but it does improve if you leave it for up to 24 hours, as the oats soak up the moisture from the fruit and cream and soften.
Farmersgirl Kitchen
Rhubarb Cranachan dessert

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      Janice Pattie
      May 27, 2016

      Thanks Karen, it is definitely the time to be a rhubarb lover!

    • Leave a Reply

      Janice Pattie
      May 28, 2016

      Thanks Sisley, I hope you all enjoy it.

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    Gingey Bites
    May 29, 2016

    This looks delicious – I applaud you for getting your layers so neat, I can never do it! Too clumsy!

    • Leave a Reply

      Janice Pattie
      May 29, 2016

      Why thank you, I never really thought about the layers, I just blob it in, seems to come out okay – tee hee!

  2. Leave a Reply

    Chris @thinlypsread
    May 30, 2016

    Heavenly – I love rhubarb and I’m missing picking my own (our crown got too woody and old and I made the mistake of splitting it too vigorously), I must plant a new one next year!
    Chris @thinlypsread recently posted…Chocolate Cherry FlapjackMy Profile

    • Leave a Reply

      Janice Pattie
      May 30, 2016

      Oh what a shame Chris, I used to have three crowns but only one now, so I will need to think about getting another just in case!

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