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Quick and Easy Fig, Honey and Almond Tart

Autumn is the season for beautiful, fresh and ripe figs and this Quick and Easy Fig, Honey and Almond Tart is an ideal simple and delicious way to serve them. 

Slow Cooked Honey and Garlic Chicken

There are many versions of Honey and Garlic Chicken, the recipe I’m giving you here started is a bit of a hybrid and, unlike most of the slow cooker Honey

Date and Coconut Bread

‘Bread with bits’ was the challenge from Jen at Jen’s Food and Michelle at Utterly Scrummy Food for Families for the May Bready Steady Go!  The Bread with Bits challenge

3 Super Creative Sandwiches and a Pizzette!

Have you seen the 2015 food trends hot list?  Creativity, contract and convenience are the new watch words on the food scene this year and as we are becoming a

Bring us a Figgy Pudding (with chocolate)

This is a very simple dessert, the sauce is sweet and a good contrast to fleshy figs, the flaked almonds add texture and crunch to an otherwise soft dish. Poached

Chardonnay Poached Pears and a Slow Cooked Christmas

Christmas cooking doesn’t have to be rich and heavy, full of sugar and fat.  I love a lush sugary treat but sometimes it’s also nice to have a lighter fruity

Hugh’s Honey and Peanut Butter Flapjacks

There was nothing in the biscuit tin.  There was nothing in the cake tin. I wanted something sweet now what did I have in the cupboard that would make a

Because I’m Happy!

I’ve been told that, no matter how I change my hair and whether I am wearing glasses or not, I am always recognisable as soon as I smile, and I

Baked Beetroot with Local Honey and Thyme

Some days you get a bonus!  Last week when I had a few days off work, a neighbour saw me and offered me some of the huge crop of beetroot

Spaghetti and Chicken with Truffles

I have had very little exposure to the flavour of truffles, those rare funghi, hunted out in forests in central and northern Italy.  I have had some truffle oil before