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Pesto Chicken Macaroni Soup – Recipe Clippings

This Pesto Chicken Macaroni Soup is my entry for the January Recipe Clippings blog event, read more about it on the Recipe Clippings page.  I haven’t quite got round to

Holy Moly – Guacamole!

Sometimes you just want a simple lunch, not too much work but something delicious all the same.  Avocados are really good just now and even thought the one I used

Tortilla Bake – leftover fajitas just got better!

We love to eat fajitas and now we have a new favourite, a Tortilla Bake. I buy the tortillas and the fajita spice mix and a box of Nachos with

Ham Pate for lunch

I had some baked ham left over so thought I’d make it into a pate for sandwiches and other snacks. Whizz it all up in the food processor Manuka Honey

Lamb Naan Calzone

Regular readers of my blog will know that I like to use up my left overs. On Friday night we had Lamb Curry which had been made from the left

Bacon and Egg Rolls – Random Recipe Anniversary

It’s one year since Dom at Belleau Kitchen started his Random Recipes challenge.  So to celebrate this momentous event, we have all had to go back to the first book

The House of Menzies, Weem, Aberfeldy.

If you should find yourself in Scotland heading up the A9 to the Highlands, take a moment to detour to the village of Weem via Aberfeldy where you will find