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How to make Easy Slow Cooker Mincemeat with Ginger

Mince Pies are a Christmas tradition in the UK and they are filled with sweet mincemeat.  You can buy jars of mincemeat in groceries and supermarkets, but homemade is always so much

White Currant Jelly-Jam

Homemade White Currant Jelly Jam  One of my work colleagues brought some bags of white currants into work for us to help ourselves to.  Well, it would be rude not

Gourmet Burgers and Luscious, Spiced Beetroot Relish

Sometimes two recipes just come together in a perfectly delicious union, and so it was with the Beetroot Relish and the Beetroot Burger. The Beetroot Burger comes from Burgers  the new

Slow Cooker Challenge August – Preserves

August is a month of plenty and a time when traditionally we preserve the fruits and vegetables from our gardens and markets by making jams, jellies, curds, chutney and relish

Apricot and Apple Chutney

I have a passion for apricots. I like them fresh and I like them dried and I particularly like them in jams and chutneys.  My neighbour gave me some apples

Time to eat the Chilli Jam!

Back in September I made some Tomato Chilli Jam and in October I made Pineapple Chilli Jam. Today I was entertaining my family and served both of these preserves in

Tomato Chilli Jam

  This Tomato Chilli Jam is really delicious and easy to make at home.  Serve it with cold meats and cheeses or add to sauces and recipes for an extra

Apple Pickle

I’ve been making Apple Pickle off and on for many years. The recipe comes from a little paperback book which was produced by a magazine called ‘Home and Freezer Digest’