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Speedy Beef and Vegetable Pie – for Random Recipes #45

This month we are rifling through our magazine cuttings for Random Recipes, the challenge run by Dominic at Belleau Kitchen.  I have all but given up buying magazines as I

Sweet Apple Slices for Random Recipes #44

I’ve been a bad, bad girl. It’s been such a long time since I’ve played at Random Recipes with my friend Dominic from Belleau Kitchen and I feel bad about

Chorizo Burgers – A Random Recipe

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a new cookbook. I was lucky enough to receive two new books, ‘eat, The little book of fast food’ by Nigel Slater:  and ‘Dear Francesca,

Dare to bare…your kitchen cupboards!

In an effort to give us an easy time for the busiest month, Dom has decided, that for our Random Recipes, we should open our larder and cupboard doors and

Crunch-Topped Cod – A Random Recipe

I’ve missed a couple of months of Random Recipe posts, the blogger challenge run by Dom at Belleau Kitchen.  It’s a lot of fun to take part, however due to

Mixed Vegetable Curry – A Random Recipe

If you had 10 seconds to grab one book, which one would it be? That’s the challenge that Dom set for Random Recipe Challenge #31 I stood in front of

Dill Onion Yogurt Bread – for Random Recipes

 I am so pleased that I found the time to take part in Random Recipes this month.  I love homemade bread and although I don’t have a problem making it,

A cup of coffee and a Treacle Bite!

Treacle Bites are crisp and delicious cookies made with oats, coconut and the rich flavour of treacle, they are such a good biscuit,  they are easy to make and  I

Rice Pudding with Butterscotch Apples

Random Recipes is now going into it’s third year and to celebrate Dom at Belleau Kitchen is kindly allowing us to choose our book our own way.  We still have

Bean Bake with Cornmeal Topping – Retro Random Recipe

First let me apologise for the quality of the photographs.  My DSLR camera has had to go for a minor repair so I had to resort to my ancient compact