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 Valentine Cranberry Orange Scones

The recipe for Valentine Cranberry Orange Scones was inspired by watching Ina Garten (The Barefoot Contessa) make Cranberry and Orange Scones for her husband Jeffrey.  As they are a well

A Feast of Blackberries – The Great British Blackberry Recipe Round Up

Let me introduce A FEAST OF BLACKBERRIES – THE GREAT BRITISH BLACKBERRY RECIPE ROUND UP!  A huge thank you to all the lovely cooks, bakers and bloggers who joined The

Cheese and Wild Garlic Scones

You won’t be disappointed if you make these Cheese and Wild Garlic Scones, they are full of flavour and perfect to serve with soup or simply buttered and enjoyed with a

Bacon and Egg

What a treat!  Two books dedicated to two of the most versatile and tasty ingredients, bacon and egg. I have a review and a recipe from each book and a

Cranberry Flaxseed Scones – Top with Cinnamon

Cranberry Flaxseed Scones Izy Hossack isn’t your regular 18 year old.  Since her early teens she has been developing delicious recipes and styling and photographing them with a flair well

Cheese and Chive Scones with Marjoram and Marigold Cream Cheese

I love to make scones and these Cheese and Chive Scones are so delicious.  It’s so simple to rub together the ingredients and a few minutes in a hot oven

Appleby and Ullswater Staycation

We’ve just returned from a couple of nights away in Appleby and a trip over the other side of the M6 to Ullswater.  The weather was perfect and we had

Cinnamon Apple Scone Cobbler

One of my favourite blogs to visit is Deb’s Dust Bunny, it’s a delightful place full of delicious recipes and interesting information all served with a dollop of good humour.

The Cheltenham Five: Part 1 where we eat CAKE!

The best cake plate is an empty one! The internet is a wonderful place to meet like-minded people and even within the food blogging community you find yourself drawn towards

Cheese and Herb Scone and a Giveaway

It’s Saturday.  It’s lunch time, open the fridge…feta, celery, fennel and a couple of sweet cured herring.  So, I can make salad but… OH NO!  There is no bread, a