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How to make Slow Cooker Haggis Lasagne (no pasta)

Slow Cooker Haggis Lasagne Haggis isn’t only for Burns Night, it makes a tasty and filling meal, particularly in winter.  This particular recipe for Slow Cooker Haggis Lasagne came about

Black Bun – Traditional Scottish New Year Bake

The last time I made Black Bun was in 1999, to be served for the Millennium Celebrations on Hogmanay (New Year’s Eve) to celebrate the entry of the new millennium.

Cloutie Dumpling in the Slow Cooker (nae clout)

My Granny (Dad’s Mum) was not a very adventurous cook.  She made an amazing peppermint slice, mince and tatties and broth, however, her ‘signature dish’ was her Cloutie Dumpling.  A

To a Haggis – a new way with a traditional favourite 1/2

  I am a huge fan of haggis.  Many people are a bit squeamish, but it’s really just a big, round, peppery lamb sausage, so don’t be put off and

Escape for the Night – My Dream Wedding Menu

I don’t do a lot of competition posts but I’ve been tempted by the prospect of a night in at Stanley House, a luxury hotel in the North West of

Best of British – The Scottish Round Up

Loch Tay from Kenmore When the sun shines, Scotland is one of the most stunning places you could ever visit.  Glorious hills, lochs and coastal villages.  There is also a

Iced Cranachan for Best of British

  Iced Cranachan for Best of British – The Scottish Challenge! When you think about Scottish cooking what comes to mind?  Haggis? Salmon? Oatcakes? Cullen Skink?  There are plenty of