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Honeysuckle and Meadowsweet Spritzer and other Summer Drinks

Honeysuckle and Meadowsweet Spritzer and other Summer Drinks:  I love summer, don’t you?  It’s not just the warm days and lighter evenings, it has to be all about the fresh

Summer Drinks and Snacks

The postman has been busy delivering parcels of summer drinks and snacks to my kitchen table, so I can try them and let you know just what I think of

White Currant Jelly-Jam

Homemade White Currant Jelly Jam  One of my work colleagues brought some bags of white currants into work for us to help ourselves to.  Well, it would be rude not

Summer Soup with Herbs

Even in the summer, you sometimes feel the need for a bowl of soup. This weekend I decided to make a pot of soup using summer vegetables and herbs. It’s

Summer Beef Pot Roast

I got a nice piece of brisket on special offer, it’s not something I would normally cook in the summer, but we are not having much of a summer and